Sookmyung Summer School | Cultural Activites
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Cultural Activites

Cultural Activities

of 2023


Official and Optional Cultural Activities

The official activities are covered by the activity fee.


Date Time Place Contents

July 17

* Time and Meeting Place will be informed at the Orientation


* Cultural activities are subject to change


July 18

Orientation & Welcome Party

July 20

Visit Kyungbok Palace with Buddies

July 22

Trip to DMZ Tour

July 25

Korean calligraphy

July 28

Visit Hyundai Motors

Aug. 1

K-POP Dance class

Aug. 3

Watch Nanta Performance

Aug. 10

Farewell Party
 Aug. 11 Check out




Unofficial cultural Activities

Build friendship with our students.


When the housing assignment has been completed, a buddy (SMU student) will be matched to each international student. Buddy will be your best friend during your stay in Korea. You can enjoy city life with them in Seoul. Since SMU is located in the middle of Seoul, you may easily access every place in Seoul.


Sookmyung museums are one of our feelings of pride. You may see the Korean heritage from our museum.


In the campus area of Sookmyung, you can find a café that offers a cozy, restful place. As soon as you arrive in Korea, you will find that Seoul is a great place to explore cultures and enjoy a lot of events you can enjoy during your free time.